ESG policy

Social, environmental and ethical well-being are at the heart of corporate policies

Quite apart from strict compliance with applicable legislation, all members of the team at ASG Homes are acutely aware of the impact that businesses have on the society in which they operate, and of their responsibility in this connection, and strive to ensure that this impact is positive on every front (social, cultural and environmental). Companies operate in a society with which they have close ties of dependency and in connection with which they must behave in a respectful manner, contributing, through their actions, to improving the surrounding environment and unlocking value in cities.

Together we are building
a better world

Core principles of our CSR policy


We are committed to ensuring our portfolio complies with BREEAM environmental and sustainability criteria. All of our properties are currently BREEAM-certified or in the process of securing this prestigious certification, which promotes the construction of more sustainable buildings. This commitment is evident from the initial stages of construction and industrialisation through to the use of renewable energy sources and designs which harness the use of natural light sources to scale back energy dependency.

The time has come
for progress

We channel all our attention into our relationships with people and the environment

Any company that interacts with society with the sole purpose of maximising its expansion or profits in the short term will engage with society from a position of conflict. At ASG Homes, we believe that a model which disregards external factors such as social and environmental costs is a poor one, and leaves both parties worse off in every way.
A positive business landscape is crucial to position Spain as a dynamic economy that supports and recognises entrepreneurship, promotes balanced, sustainable growth, and maximises synergies between the economy, society and the environment.


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