Environmental, Social and Governance

Moving above and beyond a strict compliance with all applicable legislation, all members of the ASG Homes team are acutely aware of the impact that businesses have on the society in which they operate. They also know that they are responsible to ensure that this connection a positive one on every front: on the economic one, of course; but also in the social, cultural and environmental fronts. Companies operate in a society with which they have close ties of dependency and it is in their own benefit that they must take care of the wellbeing of this society.

A company that interacts with society with the exclusive aim to maximize its short-term benefit or its expansion has a conflictive interaction with society. In ASG Homes we don’t believe that a model that disregards these externalities such as social o environmental costs is a good model given the loses of all kinds that this relationship causes in both parties. A favourable corporate environment is necessary to turn Spain into a dynamic economy that stimulates and appreciates enterprising spirit, that facilitates a balanced and sustainable economic growth, and that maximizes the synergies amongst the economic, social, and environmental spheres.

In order to fully shoulder this responsibility, ASG Homes is governed by policies aimed at generating and integrating social, environmental and ethical wellbeing; in which respect for human rights and consumers’ concerns is part of the normal course of its business; and which try to identify, prevent and mitigate the potential adverse consequences of its activity. Our goal is not simply to meet the needs of our customers, but to do so in an ethical, sustainable and responsible manner, in a partnership with the broader society that offers returns on investment that, considered in terms of utility, exceed simple monetary returns.



The company will foster ethical and socially responsible behaviours among its employees, in particular recognising those that conform to the ethical principles of loyalty and good faith.


The company must be transparent with respect to society. Its principles and actions must be visible and identifiable and must generate public trust not only through its actions but also through the recognition of the reasons behind them.

Equality diversity

Society is diverse and heterogeneous. Not all of its members share the same interests, goals, beliefs, ideologies, ages, height, physical, emotional and intellectual skills, sex, gender, or way of behaving or expressing themselves. But they do all share the same innate rights and must be treated with the same respect.

Work-life balance

The company considers its employees to be integral human beings and does not see them solely in their employment or professional capacity. Accordingly, it respects, protects and nurtures the rights of its workers, in particular regarding work-life balance, fostering flexibility of working hours, teleworking and high performance over a shorter working day, discouraging presentism and implementing clear and transparent processes of recruitment and internal promotion.


ASG Homes focuses its goals on sustainability in the broadest possible sense, considering the impact on a local, regional, continental and global level, with a clear awareness of its legacy for future generations. The management team manages the company with the fundamental goal of the organisation's survival, without venturing into speculative activities for the sole purpose of maximising short-term profit.

Social action

ASG Homes’ belief in the aforementioned principles extends beyond their merely governing its ethical and social conduct as a company and its relationships with its various stakeholder groups: customers, suppliers, the public and employees. ASG Homes seeks to extend these values throughout society via specific actions to raise awareness and disseminate them and to specifically promote and defend them.


As a natural continuation of the above, ASG Homes adheres to the following documents and conduct codes.

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