Social initiative

accion, accion social, manos

ASG Homes’ belief in the aforementioned principles extends beyond their merely governing its ethical and social conduct as a company and its relationships with its various stakeholder groups: customers, suppliers, the public and employees. ASG Homes seeks to extend these values throughout society via specific actions to raise awareness and disseminate them and to specifically promote and defend them.

Social benefit

Society will benefit directly by the activity of ASG Homes through:

  1. property developments with the smallest possible environmental impact aimed at a healthy lifestyle and at restoring the environment,
  2. creating high-quality jobs with positive and inclusive policies,
  3. implementing a policy that is open in respect of administrations and stakeholder groups to provide all the information they need to make the best decisions in upholding their interests, and
  4. listening actively to ascertain and, where possible, reflect, their concerns and suggestions in our projects.

Social cohesion

ASG Homes will seek to attain social cohesion in the communities in which it is involved, both by providing these communities with quality homes at reasonable prices and via a constant dialogue with them to understand their specific characteristics, meet their demands and respect their concerns.

Social development

Companies play a crucial role in achieving the goals of human, economic and environmental development that is sustained over time and ASG Homes will orient its activity so as to help people from the communities in which it operates.

Targeted actions

In the communities in which it implements projects, ASG Homes will identify especially underprivileged or vulnerable groups and will devote resources to meeting their immediate needs, especially in connection with accommodation, public health and energy poverty.