ASG Homes will invest more than 30 million in a luxury residential development in the heart of Salamanca

Salamanca Residencial España
April 9, 2018

The company launches the construction of the development Residencial España, which will comprise 24 exclusive apartments with from 2 to 4 bedrooms at the city’s central Plaza de España.

ASG Homes has begun to construction on Residencial España, an exclusive real estate development consisting of 24 luxury apartments, situated right in the heart of Salamanca; it will dedicate more than 30 million Euro to this project.

After the demolition of the landmark Edificio España, ASG Homes gives new life to the lot on the central Plaza de España by developing what will be Salamanca’s most exclusive residential complex. A total of 24 luxury apartments, all with storage area and 2 parking spaces included, with 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms and areas that will range from 100 m2 to 260 m2, in the case of the larger attics that will also feature up to 75 m2 of terrace.

The development, designed by the Architectural Studio of Chus Manzanares, is equipped with highest quality and the latest in home automation technology. Thus it offers residents the option of controlling remotely the interior of their apartment by smartphone, since they can adjust climate control, lighting and ventilation with this device, and also control the entrances.

Housing units with 100% renewable energy

Residencial España will also be the city’s first real estate development with 100% renewable energy facilities via vertical geothermal energy, heat pumps and PEX sensors for water and heat supply, thus achieving high energy yields from the energy sources, a novel system that takes advantage of the earth’s heat for home use. The system will use the heat source that is created under the earth’s surface to channel it up to the building, thus meeting 100% of needs for heat and sanitary hot water.

At the same time, Residencial España is set apart by its well-kept common areas, which included a spa-gymnasium of 150 m2 with a heated indoor pool on the ground floor, which features an area with sensory shower, sauna and steam bath, as well as a fully equipped gymnasium.

Víctor Pérez-Arias, CEO of ASG Homes, emphasises the singular nature of this project, which has enabled the company “to give new life to one of Salamanca’s landmark buildings by designing a project that respects the original style while serving as a unifying element that adds value for citizens.” Our goal he adds–has always been to contribute added value to the cities that we invest in and, in this case Residencial España offered us a chance to carry out a singular, unique, top-quality project of the sort that is underway.”

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