Equal opportunities and diversity


The company is diverse and heterogeneous. Not all of its members share the same interests, goals, beliefs, ideologies, ages, height, physical, emotional and intellectual skills, gender or way of behaving or expressing themselves. But they do all share the same innate rights and must be treated with the same respect.

Companies that foster diversity among their staff and in their relations better reflect the society in which they operate and are therefore better equipped to understand its needs and messages and to properly respond to them. ASG Homes promotes equal opportunities for professional and personal development, among its employees and others, and neither exercises nor tolerates any kind of discrimination for personal, physical or social reasons.

Recruitment policy

ASG Homes will implement non-discriminatory recruitment policies, in strict compliance with legal non-discrimination standards, creating stable and quality employment.

Fostering diversity

ASG Homes firmly believes that all kinds of diversity in its workforce enriches life at the company and enables management to have first-hand access to minority standpoints that broaden its sources of information on the basis of which to make the right decisions.

Fostering these values in third parties

ASG Homes will monitor to ensure that its collaborators show similar respect for human rights in terms of non-discrimination, non-exploitation, etc.