ASG Homes focuses its corporate social responsibility goals on sustainability in the broadest possible sense, considering the impact on a local, regional, continental and global level, with a clear awareness of its legacy for future generations. The management team manages the company with the fundamental goal of the organisation’s survival, without venturing into speculative activities with the sole purpose of maximising short-term profit.

At ASG Homes sustainability is the guarantee of the long-term viability of the business project, nurturing a symbiotic relationship with society and the environment.


Our shareholders will receive optimum dividends and growth in the value of their investment within the confines of sustainability, acknowledging: (i) that offering our customers high-quality services at reasonable prices fosters the company’s stability, reputation and sustainable growth; (ii) that high standards in working conditions help the creation and retaining of talent, which in turn is necessary to be able to guarantee the quality product that is the hallmark of ASG Homes’ business model; and (iii) that fostering the cohesion and well-being of the society in which it operates promotes economic progress, demand for its products and the happiness of the people of which it is comprised, something which in itself is an end.


ASG Homes will focus its activity on customers in the quest to provide high-quality service that is both responsible and respectful of the society and the environment in which it operates, and the company is interested in the added value implied by an excellent professional team that, beyond meeting society’s immediate real estate management and development needs, does so in a way that boosts its business prestige and ensures the recognition thereof in both the business sphere and in the communities in which its construction projects are located.

Internal conduct

Conduct that is respectful of the environment will be fostered and promoted internally, working to the extent possible with the model of the paperless office, encouraging recycling and the separation of waste at the workplace (including some relatively unusual waste items like IT products, aluminium, oil, batteries, etc.) and offering its employees an alternative to travelling to a recycling centre.


ASG Homes will foster projects that involve gardens or nature, especially planting trees or reforestation using indigenous species. Likewise, it will promote projects that involve or encourage the use of renewable energies, either for the final product (solar panels, geo-thermal, etc.) or for its users (electric vehicle charging spaces).

Carbon footprint

The company has established the goal of neutralising its carbon footprint both by using clean energy and reducing direct and indirect emissions, and by offsetting inevitable emissions by increasing biomass.

Fostering these values in third parties

When it comes to choosing our collaborators and suppliers, ASG Homes will select those who share its philosophy and maintain a respectful and constructive attitude towards the environment, who optimise the use of natural resources to deliver the best results while keeping raw materials consumption and waste production to a minimum, and who use efficient, new, responsible and non-polluting techniques and materials.