Work-life balance


The company considers its employees to be integral human beings, and does not see them solely in their employment or professional capacity. Accordingly, it respects, protects and nurtures the rights of its workers, in particular regarding work-life balance, fostering flexibility of working hours, teleworking and high performance over a shorter working day, discouraging physical attendance and implementing clear and transparent processes of recruitment and internal promotion.


Rewarding our people

Our people are distinguished by their extraordinary professionalism and their personal rigour and they must be fairly remunerated in accordance with their standards of quality, commitment and dedication. Nevertheless, ASG Homes considers that ultimately it should not only be wages that encourage its professionals in their constant efforts to provide excellent service, and will find additional ways to reward its employees as integral persons.

The prestige of ASG Homes and the pride its staff should feel at belonging to this company will, accordingly, be one of the compass points for its management team.

Ongoing training

The company will promote the ongoing training of its staff and collaborators in order to introduce in its procedures the most modern and efficient techniques within the sector, to generate and retain talent and to enhance the employability of its personnel, all as part of a vision of socially responsible business development.

Work-life balance and non-discrimination

ASG Homes sees real equality in terms of sharing burden and opportunities between genders as a moral imperative. In this sphere it will foster progressive and forward-looking policies, not confining itself to complying with the Law but staying ahead of future changes.