We are all equal


Madrid, 01 September 2019 – This is the goal. The target. Equal opportunities for everyone. Access to the right resources to support our development and allow us to confidently hold our place in society is absolutely indispensable. However, in a later phase of our development, the opportunity to form part of a supportive workforce, where we contribute actively to achieving shared goals, is equally important.

With this in mind, ASG Homes has launched an initiative with the Prodis Foundation that contributes to improving the quality of life of people with learning disabilities and their families, helping to ensure they form a full and complete part of a fair, supportive society.  The Foundation helps workers with learning disabilities to become fully integrated as part of the workforce, offering help in learning their professional tasks and routines and guiding them as they build relationships in the workplace with the constant support of their workplace facilitator.

Víctor Pérez Arias, CEO of ASG Homes, said “Bringing Silvia into our team was not an act of solidarity, it was an act of responsibility and necessary collaboration. The strength of our team comes from the diversity of our profiles, and we are stronger because Silvia is one of us. She is a true example of strength, affection and determination and has a great deal to teach us all.”