The company must be transparent with respect to society. Its principles and actions must be visible and identifiable and must generate public trust not only through its actions but also through the recognition of the reasons for them. Transparency is articulated over three main axes: business integrity, reporting our social activity to society and the external supervision and auditing of the previous two aspects, with the publication of its results in a report aimed at stakeholders.

The presentation of this report is the consequence of the transparency of ASG Homes, which has nothing to hide and which knows that being observed and valued by society serves as motivation to behave in a manner that favours it and that is aligned with its values and interests.

Environmental audit

The company’s projects will be subject to external audit and environmental certification (BREAM, etc.) in order to have the least possible impact on the environment, and it will apply risk-based prevention policies.

Supervision and audit of processes

ASG Homes will control the quality of its internal processes so as to ensure the ongoing improvement of the company at every level, with an integrated management system that takes into account economic, social, and environmental aspects; and factors in the needs highlighted by the various stakeholder groups in each project, ensuring that past lessons learned serve to improve the system in the pursuit of efficacy and sustainability. These processes will also be submitted periodically to external audit and certification with a view to maximising efficiency, traceability and responsibility.

Internal communication

It is the responsibility of ASG Homes to ensure that its staff and collaborators are duly informed of its social responsibility values and share them. For this purpose, new recruits will receive an introduction to the company’s values and corporate social responsibility and the company will report periodically on the initiatives devised and the progress achieved.

Likewise, the company will encourage its employees to propose initiatives to extend and strengthen its principles and practices.

External communication

In order to foster transparency and to strengthen the rest of our values and to promote them within the industry, ASG Homes will commission external reports concerning its initiatives, activities and achievements within the sphere of corporate social responsibility, with the multiple purposes of encouraging their observance by our collaborators, enhancing the prestige of our brand, extending these good practices within the sector and encouraging other companies to adopt them.