The company will foster ethical and socially responsible behaviours among its employees, in particular recognising those that conform to the ethical principles of loyalty and good faith.

Combating corruption

ASG Homes will conduct itself as an exemplary and transparent business that is worthy of credibility and trust. Specifically, it will denounce and condemn any kind of corruption and will avail itself of procedures to prevent any of its employees from involving themselves, or the Company, it in such a conduct, in the financing of crime, money laundering and, in general, any activities that are unlawful or detrimental to human rights.

Compliance with obligations

The company will contribute in a timely, transparent and scrupulous manner, without artifice or ethically questionable accounting practices, to bearing the expenses of the communities in which it operates through the taxes and charges that correspond to its business.


ASG Homes will publicly recognise on an annual basis the initiatives and contributions made in the field of upholding its values in connection with corporate social responsibility on the part of its stakeholders and, in particular, its employees.