Le Blanc

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Le Blanc

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In Marbella’s most prestigious district, the Sierra Blanca development, an exclusive residential project to construct 22 semi-detached luxury villas is underway. Nestled among extraordinary, varied greenery, these villas feature marvellous views of the ocean and the mountains.


This project has been planned carefully from the beginning to create luminous living quarters with large-scale spaces open to the ocean and the mountains for enjoying the magnificent views. These villas are set apart by top-quality materials, perfect distribution and luxurious details, with an avant-garde personality blending into the surroundings without giving up total privacy and security 24 hours per day.

Principales características

  • 22 semi-detached luxury villas with 4 and 5 bedrooms
  • Fully furnished kitchens
  • Customised details
  • Top-quality
  • Designed with loving-care
  • Stupendous views of the ocean and the mountains
  • Nestled among varied, leafy greenery
  • Shared pool
  • Fully equipped shared gymnasium
  • Concierge services


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