ASG Homes takes stock of 2020: 700 homes delivered and 2,000 under development.

Madrid, 27. January 2021 –

ASG Homes, one of the major operators on the Spanish real estate market, continues to grow and comply with its objectives. Accordingly, the company closed 2020 with the delivery of 700 homes and with a portfolio under development of another 2,000 dwellings.

For 2021, ASG Homes forecasts the delivery of some 500 dwellings in the course of the year. It furthermore holds a portfolio under management comprising more than 5,000 quality dwellings distributed among Andalusia, Alicante, Catalonia, Madrid, Salamanca and Valencia.

During 2020 it was therefore able to exceed the number of deliveries made the year before, thus consolidating its position in the Spanish residential sector. Notwithstanding the difficulties of a year in the context of the health crisis, ASG Homes has been able to respond to the needs of the sector, adapting its developments to market trends and implementing models for digitalisation in its sales offices, which has made it possible to continue offering a customer-driven, personalised, comprehensive and quality service to all its customers and, ultimately, to exceed the sale volume in keeping with the objectives set.

The regions where the most homes were delivered were Seville, Malaga and Alicante, with a total of close to 700 dwellings.

For the year ahead the developer will continue to attain the objectives of its roadmap, such as compliance with scheduled delivery dates, the development of projects in more preliminary stages, as well as the completion of those that are more advanced in strict compliance with the deadlines. The look for new assets for development will continue to be one of the company's main objectives, with the creation of projects that meet those needs most requested by the market.

The company moves forward with its new business line, the development of rental properties, announced a few months ago. The agreement was signed with an initial capital of 200 million Euros to develop a residential platform for long-term rental homes in Spain, aimed at building a portfolio with at least 2,500 dwellings in our country. This project is based on acquiring assets that provide an opportunity to pursue projects of a certain magnitude (more than 100 units per operation), such as plots for developing new dwellings, buildings in need of renovation, change in use of assets or NPLs, which will be the main focus of the investment for the development of this new business line. Acquisitions that will take place over the next two years.

In the words of Víctor Pérez Arias, CEO of ASG Homes: "The year 2020 has been a complicated one for the sector; in spite of this our results were very positive, as reflected by the 700 homes delivered, well beyond the number of homes delivered the previous year. Here at ASG Homes we want to continue growing and complying with our objectives in response to real market demands at any given time, for which we will continue to seek out new business opportunities".

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