ASG Homes notes its ability to market residential developments of varying types, including both first and second homes.

ASG Homes notes its ability to market residential developments of varying types, including both first and second homes.

Our project portfolio is solid. We have been responsible throughout all life cycle processes of our developments as of the conceptualisation. In this way, we have a solid foundation on which to adapt ourselves in our current projects and those that we will launch in the future." This is clearly portrayed by Víctor Pérez Arias, CEO of ASG Homes, when speaking of the fortitude with which the company is going to tackle the new real estate overview. "There is no doubt that this pandemic will help us rethink our plans in order to include new elements to reinforce safety and health aspects in our buildings. This will be incorporated into the social and sustainability goals that we include in our developments in keeping with the guidelines of certificates such as BREEAM", he adds.

Resuming the activity

In recent weeks, whenever legislation allowed, the company continued to work on the construction of its projects. In the case of early-stage construction, which conclude soil movement and extraction, they ensure that its progress has been even smoother thanks to less traffic. "We move ahead confidently, in consideration of all safety and health directives. We form part of one of the Spanish economy pillars and we are obligated to ensure that out projects set an example in terms of employment and health", states the CEO. To do so, the company has implemented measures in situ that help prevent infection during working hours and reactions in the event of incidents, "making well-being our maximum priority in the day-to-day activities of our developments."

Within this context, what facilities do ASG Homes offer customers during the state of emergency? "We have remained in contact with our customers with full availability to attend to their main concerns and continue with the supply of housing", Víctor Pérez Arias assures. To this regard, they have implemented on-line sales assistance by several means in order to adapt to the needs of each customer. In turn, they have also enabled the possibility of electronic signatures or virtual tours, "which has made it possible to make several sales during the lockdown period".

"Very pleased with 2019"

In terms of the previous year, the company states that it is "very pleased" with a year that allowed it to "make huge strides in the commercialisation of some developments". These include projects like Argos I (Seville) or Residencial Infinity (Estepona, Málaga). "This year has helped us grow as a company and as a team, while revalidating ourselves as a versatile developer, capable of delivering all types of products while remaining true to our principles of quality and design", the executive adds.

To date, the developer has made progress in developments for first as well as second homes on the coast. Likewise relevant and worthy of mention are the projects in city centres such as Residencial España (Salamanca), "destined to become architectural icons in its cities". The company also emphasises its wager for the Mediterranean coast and, specifically, the Costa del Sol. "We have multi-functional projects that may be first or second homes, and we have no doubt that they will become an attractive offer due to its unique designs, sea views and open spaces", he affirms.

Lastly, the CEO stresses the growing importance of elements such as balconies, gardens and broad spaces that will be key elements of the new housing design concept, once the population has overcome the lockdown brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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