Combining your kitchen and living room: pros and cons

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Combining your kitchen and living room: pros and cons

Is it possible to combine a kitchen and living room? It certainly is, and we’re going to tell you how to achieve it structurally, aesthetically and organisationally.

For some time now, combining kitchens and living rooms has increasingly come to be viewed as a desirable option. There are numerous reasons for this and it all depends on the tastes of the people living in a property, although it’s clear that a kitchen/lounge combo is a highly effective way of creating a sense of ‘home’. That said, it’s important to do it well and ensure that the two rooms have their own personality while also forming part of a coherent whole and performing their original function without hindrance.

The kitchen is one of the areas in the house where you’ll spend the most time. We spend more than a year and a half of our lives just on cooking! Add to that the time we spend on other tasks in the kitchen (cleaning, tidying, restocking the fridge and food cupboards, making coffee, and much more). Since people began to put tables and chairs in their kitchens to make them into small dining rooms, the time we spend in the kitchen has increased further as we now eat there too.

Kitchens are a meeting place for family, friends and other guests... Many of the most important activities in the home take place in the kitchen.

The next most frequently occupied room is the living room. This is where we relax, kick back with a book or film after a stressful day at work, sit and chat with friends or relatives, or simply exist.

As architectural norms and properties have changed and flats of different sizes have been built, the huge living and dining rooms that our grandparents would open only for special occasions (Christmas and New Year’s Eve, for example) are a thing of the past. These days, every last centimetre of house has to be habitable and made use of.

With the aim of creating more functional, practical houses, the idea of combining kitchen and living room to create a single, more spacious, more comfortable room took off. It allows people to make the most of the space available and gives a cosier, more homely feel to a house.

Pros of a combined kitchen/living room

Like everything in life, combining your kitchen and living room has pros and cons. If your property came like this, it’s sure to have been incorporated into the structural design to make the most of the space and/or natural light. So what are the pros?

Sense of spaciousness

This is the biggest advantage of a combined kitchen and living room, without a shadow of a doubt. Your smaller kitchen and living room will be transformed into a much bigger room where you’ll feel like you’ve got more than enough space.

You and your loved ones will have more freedom to move around with no walls in the way.

What’s more, if you use white as a base colour, the room will seem even more spacious.

Communication and supervision

A kitchen that's part of your living room will enable you to communicate better with your family and guests. While you prepare dinner, you can chat to the people sitting in the living room.

If you have small children, you can pay more attention to them while you perform tasks in the kitchen. It’s a great way to enjoy peace of mind in the knowledge that everything’s under control.

Uniform decoration

How many times have you come across houses where the decoration in the kitchen doesn’t match the living room? Although this doesn’t tend to happen as often in new-build homes where the aim is to create a more compact, homogeneous image, it’s clear that it’s easier, more practical and more attractive to have a single room with uniform decoration.

Everyone likes a harmonious home where every room reflects the same style.

Cons of a combined kitchen/living room... and solutions

Although a combined kitchen and living room has many pros, there are also a few cons that you should be aware of. We’ll discuss these here, along with some potential solutions.

  • Bad smells and smoke

This is definitely one of the biggest problems arising from a combined kitchen and living room. Over the years, new methods have emerged for minimising smells and smoke as much as possible and in new properties such as the Residencial Argos 2 development this is unlikely to be a problem.

The key is to ventilate your kitchen naturally and mechanically. With a decently sized window in the kitchen area, you’ll be able to ventilate the space as much as you need to and get rid of any smells and smoke.

By adding a powerful extractor hood, you’ll eradicate the problem almost entirely. These days, extractor hoods are silent and appealingly designed.

  • Noise from appliances

This is another of the main problems that may arise in a combined kitchen and living room, but it too has been largely addressed in modern kitchens. Contemporary appliances do not emit loud noises. They can also be remotely controlled via your mobile or using timers, so they can be switched on while you’re out to avoid them running and disturbing your domestic bliss when you get home from work.

At ASG Homes, we have a number of properties with this layout on offer and we know how appealing they are to many of our customers. Pay us a visit and discover our available properties!

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