Making your house a home with a smart layout

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Making your house a home with a smart layout

It takes more than four walls to make a house a home. To transform your property into a cosy, comfortable home, there are a series of measures you can take. What are they? As well as simply living in the space, you can add touches of your personality through the decoration you choose and the way you lay out the rooms.

The importance of layout in a home

The layout of your house is key to making it into a home. It’s very important for the space to be well designed. Make sure you take advantage of every corner.

If the layout is cluttered, you’ll find yourself lacking energy and space and failing to make the most of your property. You must think carefully about how to arrange the rooms in your home so that you can live comfortably.

You might think that size is the most relevant feature, but there’s another aspect that’s far more significant: layout. Some very large houses are poorly designed and very difficult to turn into homes, while smaller houses that are well organised and laid out offer a more relaxing, comfortable space and great hygge.

Whether you’ve already moved in or you’re about to do so, think carefully about how you want your home to look. If you’re not sure how to go about it, you can always hire a decorating expert or architect to get the most out of your property. You can tear down walls to create new bedrooms or simply reorganise the different spaces and add key elements.

Where do you spend the most time at home?

To create a comfortable layout, the first thing you need to do is to decide on how you’ll use each room. Sometimes it’s tempting to go with the easiest option without reflecting on the best long-term solution. Bedrooms are one good example: everyone wants spacious bedrooms but our use of them is limited to the time we’re asleep. Why not use that extra space for rooms where you spend more time?

When deciding on how to lay out the rooms in your house, it’s essential that you focus on how much you’ll be using them. Remember that you’ll be spending the most time in the living room and kitchen. If you make those rooms the biggest, you’ll end up with a more comfortable home.

Natural light

It’s also important to take sunlight into consideration. If only a few rooms in your house have natural light, would it be better for those rooms to be used as bedrooms or as rooms where you spend more time like the living room and kitchen? The orientation of your house is a key factor, but you can make the most of the light you have by carefully choosing the layout of your rooms and the location of the furniture in them according to their purpose.

‘Dead’ space

Depending on the size of your home, you might want to think about whether you need certain areas or whether you’d be better off repurposing the space. Halls are one example. They’re a great idea when you have a very large house and you have room for them, but in a smaller house you might prefer to redistribute the space to get the most out of every square metre.

If you decide to keep the hall, make it attractive and functional by hanging a large mirror and making an area for leaving keys and bags. If you opt to get rid of it, you could use the extra few metres to create a cosy workspace as part of the living room, separating it with decorative elements.

Another good tip for optimising the space in your house is to adopt an open-plan style by combining the kitchen and living room. That way, you’ll get the most out of every centimetre of your home and enjoy airier, more spacious living areas.

Installing mirrors and opting for glass doors to separate rooms will also make your home seem bigger and promote combined use of the different spaces, optimising the area available to you. The industrial styles currently in fashion in home decoration offer a range of appealing options, including sliding glass doors.

There’s no doubt about it – we spend more and more time at home and it’s important to optimise every last corner. If you need advice on a property you’ve bought from us, our ASG teams can help you redesign your space to make sure you get the best from your home.

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