How to increase storage space in your bedrooms

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How to increase storage space in your bedrooms

No matter how much space we have, we always want more. If you’re anything like us, you just love accumulating clothes, accessories and shoes... You search for new places to store items in your bedroom as if hoping for some magical solution to suddenly appear. So, how can you increase storage space in your bedrooms?

What should you keep in the bedroom?

The name says it all: bedrooms are for sleeping. According to the psychology of decorating, bedrooms shouldn’t be used for anything other than sleep (not even reading, much less eating or watching TV in bed) to ensure that you can relax properly. That also means that you should keep your bedroom as tidy as possible, making sure that everything is put away neatly and avoiding an excess of belongings. A messy bedroom can have a serious impact on your ability to rest.

The question is: what should you keep in your bedroom? The first thing is to remember that your bedroom isn’t a repository for all the miscellaneous items hanging around your house. Actually, none of the rooms should be and it’s important for all of them to be clean and tidy. Does that make us clean freaks? No – your mental and physical health will thank you for it.

Before we move on to what to store, let’s take a look at a smart layout for your room. By thinking carefully about how to arrange your furniture, you can get the most out of every centimetre of the room, maximise the natural light coming in through the windows and use the walls to affix shelves or hang decorations.

You might want to hire a decorator or interior designer to give you expert advice on how to lay out your room and choose the best furniture to achieve a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Once the layout and furniture are in place and adapted to suit your needs and the characteristics of the bedroom, it’s time to decide what to keep in it.

There’s something important to bear in mind here. Although we’re talking about ‘storage space’, you don’t want to use your bedrooms for storage. You should only keep what you use in them. That goes for the rest of the house too. Storing items takes up space and disrupts the flow of the house. Keeping things is fine. Storing them isn’t.

Let’s continue. What should you keep in the bedroom? Whatever you need to use on a daily basis and it makes sense to keep in your bedroom. If you aren’t sure, it probably shouldn’t be there. Some of the things you should keep in your bedroom include:

  • Clothes you wear: depending on the available space, you can also store clothes for other seasons. Some people have walk-in closets and large wardrobes allowing them to keep all their clothes in the same place without having to rotate them. If that’s the case, have a clear out from time to time and arrange your clothes according to how often you wear them. Use wardrobe changeovers to tidy up and sort out.
  • Shoes: you could keep these in your bedroom wardrobe too. Perhaps you have a shoe rack at the entrance to your home, but if you’re planning to store your shoes in your wardrobe then you should make sure they’re clean (especially the soles) to avoid bad smells in your bedroom.
  • Accessories: if you don’t have room in your wardrobe, we recommend looking for other spaces in your bedroom. It’s often a good idea to have a chest at the foot of the bed for storage.
  • Bed linen: clean sheets and towels are usually kept in the bedroom. If there isn’t room in the wardrobe, one neat, elegant solution is a trundle bed with space underneath for storage.

Bedrooms have great potential but it’s important to think carefully about what you keep in them. If you keep everything clean, tidy and well-organised, you’ll make life much easier for yourself and you won’t have to fight increasingly overwhelming piles of mess on a regular basis. It’s easier to maintain order than to restore it.

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