Coworking close to home: living and working without the commute

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Coworking close to home: living and working without the commute

Working from home is great, but wouldn’t it be even better if you could enjoy the benefits of remote working in a separate space shared with other professionals without having to leave your building or estate? Well, the new residential developments with coworking spaces mean that now you can...

Coworking venues have proliferated in Spain in recent years. Although the concept was rather alien to Spaniards at first, it seems it’s here to stay. The last economic crisis in 2008 triggered an entrepreneurship boom, with more and more people deciding to set up their own businesses.

Rising levels of self-employment contributed to the success of coworking spaces as working from home can be tedious and often has more drawbacks than advantages: you struggle to draw a line between work and leisure time, the working day doesn’t have a clear end, everything’s mixed up at home, you leave the house less and less often, and you become more irritable and antisocial.

Remote working or sporadic home working has been proven to enhance productivity, but when it becomes a permanent obligation this situation is reversed and we tend to procrastinate more – doing the laundry, cleaning, cooking or even watching TV can all distract us from our tasks when we work at home.

One of the solutions to this problem are coworking areas in buildings and residential estates, which have become more popular during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We’re convinced that they’re the best option for the new properties we sell. Being able to work without leaving your building or estate offers the best of both worlds, as well as being safer in every respect.

However you look at it, this is almost certainly the healthiest solution for the growing numbers of people working from home either full-time or several days a week.

Benefits of a coworking space at home

Protect your health

Although you’re working from a shared office, you’re always with the same people and you’re already around those people because they’re your neighbours. The risk is lower than if you travel to an external office or coworking venue where you come into contact with work colleagues as well as neighbours.

Here, everyone is part of the same bubble and it’s easier to stay healthy.

Save time

You don’t have to leave your immediate vicinity, so there’s no need to waste time on travelling to work (one of the biggest time sucks that prompt people to opt for remote working). Say goodbye to traffic jams, delays and the seemingly endless commute...

Separate work from leisure time

Leaving home to go to work makes it easier to differentiate between working hours and personal time. You have to get dressed to go out (although it might seem minor, this makes a big difference!), you have a timetable (albeit a more flexible one) and when your working day comes to an end you can leave work behind and attend to your personal life at home.

It’s very important for your mental health and productivity to separate the two and make sure you have time for leisure. Working all day isn’t healthy and doesn’t necessarily make you more productive. Although you might do more work, the quality of that work is likely to suffer.

Spend time with other professionals

By working from an office with other people, you’ll be able to share experiences with them and discuss your work. This will allow you to avoid talking about work at home and you’re sure to benefit from interacting with professionals in your sector and in other fields.

Access your work materials easily

What could be more convenient than having your office just a few floors away from home? If you forget something, all you have to do is pop downstairs. If you decide to work for a while at the weekend when it’s quieter, you can pick the moment that suits you best.

When it comes to coworking venues in residential blocks and estates, the benefits are clear. Just as a gym or a swimming pool are an added bonus when buying a home, a shared office is also an appealing feature.

Many of our properties for sale already offer coworking spaces, including Kings Lofts and Argos. Contact us to arrange a visit!

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