Adapting your home to remote work

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Adapting your home to remote work

2020 has brought many changes, but on a professional level this year will be remembered, if anything, because we have mandatorily started teleworking. Last March we were forced to make the determination to go home to work from a safer environment. The COVID-19 caused companies to adapt to a new reality and we all had to learn to work remotely.

Homes became makeshift offices and there were those who, even having to share the available space with the other inhabitants of the home, had to choose the kitchen or even, in the worst-case scenarios, the bathroom for the occasional private meeting.

Even if we are going to return to offices and workplaces, nothing will be the same again and flexibility will be much greater. We are likely to continue to spend days at home teleworking and the best we can do is prepare our spaces for this purpose.

A properly conditioned, distributed space with everything we need to work will be the ideal way to gain productivity and be focused on our work. Let's see some tips that will help us:

Find a place for your home office

Even if you have a small house, you have to find a place where you can work comfortably. If it has to be removable (that is, if everything needs to be gone when you are done), then so it shall, but it must be that place where you are going to go inside the house to work.

For these circumstances (the house is small) there are solutions such as folding tables, closing desks, etc.

If your house allows it, decide on a space for you and your work. Perhaps it is time to give up that decorative corner that is very beautiful but that you don’t really use or take advantage of. The other day on Instagram we saw how a person created an impressive workspace in the space under the staircase (yes, where Harry Potter used to live).

Surely you have a corner, a space or even a room that you are not taking full advantage of and now the time has come. This space can be shared with another person at home who also has to telework or even with your children to do their homework. The important thing is to enable it well according to the circumstances and that everything is where it should be.

Have everything you need to work

In that space you should have everything you need to work. The greater thieves of time when we work are those times we spend wandering around looking for a pen, a computer charger, a lamp... Think carefully about everything you are going to need and arrange it correctly in your space. And above all, before you sit down to work, let everything be at your disposal.


Another point that you should not forget is the light in the workspace. If you find a place inside the house that has natural light it will be wonderful because natural light helps us to be more focused and work better.

If this is not the case, you will have to get a good artificial illumination, which you will need anyway when the sun goes down. Take into account your space as well as the orientation since being left- or right-handed affects the shadows when we write and may make it pretty uncomfortable to work.

Order and cleanliness

To finish, but it is surely one of the most important points, it is essential to have cleanliness and order in your workspace. Personally, we are of the opinion that the most productive thing is to spend a few minutes at the end of the day, and a few other at the beginning of the next, to put order and clean the space. It helps us connect with the work day, focus on tasks and have everything well arranged.

Now we are ready to receive 2021 with all the energy and be able to telework productively at home.

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