Warm colours for Mediterranean homes

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Warm colours for Mediterranean homes

Mediterranean homes are a genuine joy to live in. The sights, sounds and smells of the sea have a calming effect and boost our health. There’s no doubt about it – the Mediterranean is one of our greatest treasures and those lucky enough to live on its shores enjoy an excellent quality of life. When it comes to decorating, houses in Mediterranean regions tend to be strongly influenced by their surroundings in the choice of colours and textures.

Of course, everyone is free to choose the style that best reflects their personality but the Mediterranean offers a tranquil setting that we can showcase and draw inspiration from when decorating our homes.

Warm colours for Mediterranean areas

Colour is one of the most important aspects of decoration and can be used to transform a completely ordinary space into a truly stunning one! The only way to make a house a home is by living in it, so it’s important for everything to be comfortable and to your taste.

Colour brings life to a house and different hues provoke different sensations. According to colour therapy, each colour has an effect on our emotional state.

Warm colours are best for homes where you want to create a peaceful ambience, helping you to relax and recharge your batteries in an oasis of calm.

White is the main colour used in houses where the aim is to increase natural light and provide a calming, restful atmosphere. Using white as a base colour makes rooms seem lighter, more spacious and more pleasing to the eye.

With a white backdrop, all that’s left to do is add decorative details using a range of colours and tones that reflect your tastes, your home and the surrounding environment.

Everything goes with white, so what can you add?

Depending on your preferences and on where you live, you might like to opt for blue tones. If your home is on the seafront, the sea is likely to be your main source of inspiration – add light blues and some deep cobalt details to your warm white walls for a truly beautiful home.

Linen combines perfectly with wood and plaster, making it an excellent choice for your upholstery and curtains.

Add a few plants to bring life to your home and allow it to breathe.

White, cobalt, sky blue, wood and green plants... Everything you need to enjoy the Mediterranean sunshine and sea breeze.

Other colours for Mediterranean homes

But blue isn't the only option for houses nestled on the shores of the Mediterranean.

If you use white as a base colour, you can add colours by room or throughout the whole house as you please. Brown tones, beige, terracotta, warm reds, greens and even a hint of yellow in key parts of the room can all help to create a relaxing, peaceful ambience.

These colours work very well with wood and are perfect for everyday living.

You can play with all sorts of elements – rugs, curtains, cushions or decorative details. In the bedrooms, bed linen is the best way to showcase your chosen colour and boost the visual impact of your home.

With their stunning surroundings and the life you infuse into them, Mediterranean homes are full of personality. Create a haven of calm by making sure your home is as light and fresh as it can possibly be. All you need to do is find the right colour for your personal story.

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