The home decor gift for this Christmas 2020

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The home decor gift for this Christmas 2020

This Christmas is going to be somewhat atypical for everyone. We may not be able to meet as much as we would like, and travel will be more restricted for everyone. In counterpoint, our houses have become our best space to spend our moments of leisure, rest and even work.

If this year you want to be original and also add a useful bonus to your Christmas gifts, decoration and everything that is used at home, it is sure to be well received and become a success.

What can you give this Christmas 2020 for the home and help with the decoration?

Tips to get it right with decoration gifts follow!


The first thing to do so that Christmas and gifts don’t become a chaos and a last-day race to the stores is to make lists. Lists will save you from more than one problem and above all, from an overspending.

You can make lists with the people to whom you are going to give gifts and fill in that list with very relevant information: kinship - relationship, budget that you want to dedicate for that person, their tastes and needs and this year, if you can see them in person or if you will have to send the gift (this greatly influences the budget and also the timing to buy the gift).


Do not go to buy blindly because your wallet and economy are going to suffer greatly. It never serves anyone to go shopping like crazy and in the end we buy something that nobody needs, that is not pretty and that has cost us a fortune.

We recommend that you make a general budget for the total expense that you are going to make at Christmas and also assign a budget to each person on your list.


As we said in the list, this year the timings are very important because there will be family and friends who we will not be able to see in person, so the gift will have to be sent and you have to take into account that extra time so that it arrives punctually.

Also, and oddly enough, we haven't sent things in a long time and we may not have all the addresses. Don't leave it to the last minute.

The gifts for this Christmas 2020

With these points more than clear, we can jump into choosing and buying gifts for our loved ones.

This is not a year to waste but it is a year to make that unforgettable gift. A good formula is to make yourself something that is special (if you are good at cooking or some creative art, go to it because surely the recipient will fall in love with the time you have dedicated to it and the love with which you have done it done).

Another good option is to bet on small creators and local art. There is much of it in our cities and it that can represent that unique and special piece for our houses and of course, for a good gift. A rug, a personalized cushion, some very special pieces of crockery (coffee or tea), a scented candle (there are many, beautiful and special) ...

Of course, let's not forget that you can always make a personalized album with the memories of that person and you, so these moments can be relived and anticipate the time when you see each photograph and dream of traveling again.

If you have a family member / friend who are about to move and / or buy a house, one of the best gifts will undoubtedly be the service of a decoration company or a specialized decorator. You will help them greatly and it will be something that they will always thank you for.

Ideas are certainly not lacking but the most important thing is always to have everything well organized and thought out.

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