Indoor plants that don't need natural light

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 Indoor plants that don't need natural light

The choice of plants for our house is almost an art. A good pot placed in a strategic location can be a game changer in our home. Decoratively speaking, plants are key to generating a unique, special, habitable and comfortable environment.

Of course, your choice is important and not only at the decoration and aesthetic level but also at the environmental requirements level. In particular the care we can provide and the light they will need. A plant is a living being that needs care and special treatments that must conform to our way of living and also to the space they are going to occupy.

Indoor plants… They don't exist!

When we go buying plants for our home, what we always think is that we need "indoor plants" because they are… well, for indoors. But if we think about it logically there are no indoor plants: in nature, all plants are outside, in the middle of nature and live under those circumstances.

Therefore, you have to think that an indoor plant as such does not exist. We must look for those that need less natural light so that they can endure more inside the house.

Of course, let's not forget that if nature has something, it is the ability to adapt. If we put a plant inside the house and take care of it with attention and affection, we will make it adapt to the circumstances of our home and that it lives there for a long time and in fact, grow up healthy and strong.

The important thing is first of all that we choose between the kinds of plants that need less light and air. Which are these?

  • Dracena Deremensis: very resistant and easy to maintain. Take advantage of it for the corridors and those places where many people circulate.
  • Potos: who has not had a poto at home? They have a very high resistance and can be used outdoors but their behaviour indoors is excellent.
  • Monstera: it is also very strong and will not need large doses of luminosity to continue growing.
  • Peppermint: Although it may not seem like it, mint doesn't need a lot of light and can survive well. It is a perfect plant to place in the kitchen because it will also give a unique aroma.
  • Begonias: if you want to have flowers in addition to a plant, begonias are the most appropriate. Its flowering is very dense and attractive and also does not need too much light and can survive in low light environments.
  • African violet: another of the flowering plants that are very strong and endure a lot without much clarity - light. In fact, being a native of warm areas is very grateful to be indoors cooler. Of course, it has to be the African violet, not the normal violet that is more sensitive.
  • Spider plant: or also called malamadre lives wherever you put it and also grows and grows. With its extensive green leaves, it is one of the most durable plants and from which you can also get other plants by planting its own leaves.
  • Weeping fig: it is one of the most beautiful plants and that we like the most for an interior. Due to its endurance, there will be no problem since in addition to low light it also needs little water. And what will make you fall in love with it the most is that it has a wonderful intense green.
  • Peace lily: it is that plant that has a white leaf as if it were a half cone and with a centre of precious seeds. Its flowers are beautiful and its green leaves, too. It lives up to its name and will provide much peace and harmony.

Without a doubt, your house will undergo a great change if you equip it with plants that can survive indoors. It is wonderful to have life inside the house and enjoy it.

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