Home decor trends for 2021

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Home decor trends for 2021

We start the year and our life goes on. What better way to take the next few months with enthusiasm and desire than to decorate or redecorate our house? A touch, a change, is always exciting and helps us reactivate motivation. During last year our home became more than ever our fortress, our safety zone ... shall we give it an air and help it shine more?

In the coming days we will see numerous posts and content on networks and blogs about trends for this 2021: fashion, cuisine, beauty, and, of course, decoration. Just so that you can have everything at hand and the best tips at the ready for this new year in terms of decoration, we have compiled those that are already the deco trends for 2021.

Colors and shades

If there's one thing we've been going for in recent years, it's warmer, more neutral interiors. Stridencies are leaving our homes and, even more this 2021, the Nordic style with colours and warm tones will invade our homes.

Beige, grey, pastel colours and, above all, the king: white. These will be the colours that we will see in all the decoration elements. Choosing white or light grey for our walls is a guaranteed success because if we later want to add colour, we can do it through other decoration elements such as textiles (cushions and curtains), vases, etc.

What colour notes are going to predominate this year 2021? Something natural and in line with the basic colours. The terracottas, browns or even a little orange or yellow will be the ones that take our rooms. There are those who are even betting on a new tone that is a star because it brings luminosity: if you still don’t know the colour "butter", better familiarize yourself with it because it will be very present. For the daring, they can already opt for blush pink to give warmth as well as elegance and distinction.

What is clear is that the strident, strong and striking colours will be totally out and out of play. You have to bet on the tranquillity inside the house to have peace and harmony.

Craft and natural materials

Another of the strengths of the decoration for this 2021 will be the materials. The rough and natural are becoming more and more important and we like the return to the traditional, to the usual, maybe with a touch of exclusivity.

The handmade is fashionable and also enters our homes. They are pleasant elements that take us to another era, that give our houses an extraordinary taste and that also go perfectly with the warm tones that we referred to before.

The clay is reinvented, wood, lattices or the tiles are materials that our grandmothers used to see at home and now we choose for our dwellings. Why do we like them and why have they come back? Because they make us slow down and awaken those always tender emotions, they make us feel welcome...

Home textiles by 2021

If there is a high and strong point for our houses, those are the textiles and fabrics that adorn our windows, sofas, etc. The cushions, the curtains, the rugs have more and more prominence but they also adapt to the predominant tones this year, the warm ones and the natural textures.

Linen, wool ... the natural is added to textiles to provide a warm atmosphere to our homes. It is about our houses having warmth but above all, a personality without falling into stridency.

Now we know how we can give a new air to our houses in 2021 and give them a unique style that gives us peace of mind and helps us to be comfortable in our homes.

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